SOY develops extraordinary real estate projects in unique locations.
With passion.
And with respect for people and nature.


A house is built to create the best possible setting for our life and work as human beings. It offers refuge, protection from the elements and a place of community and creativity.

Building is always also an intervention in nature. For this reason, we begin every project by looking at the place and its environment with an open mind. In our properties, we seek to create a connection between the people who live there and the surrounding natural world.

Our luxury is the time and care we take to consider every detail.  
To us, luxury means reduction to what is essential.

Everything else is just bling-bling.

Who we are

SOY sees itself as an international network of people who – each in their own sphere – take on their tasks, fill our projects with life and propel them forward with their blood, sweat and passion. What connects us is our dedication to holistically conceived, ecologically sustainable architecture, mutual appreciation and respect.

The initiator and driving force behind Soy was Alexandra Schmitz. As managing partner, she founded Soy in 2017 and has since filled the company with life, with her passion and enthusiasm. In May 2022, she will leave the company and hand over the business to her shareholder partners.

Soy has been breaking new ground since the beginning, helping to shape our future with every project - step by step, in a continuous learning process, with entrepreneurial spirit, responsibility and respect (just a little bit).

How we work

We comprehensively steward each of our projects – from the initial idea on viewing a new parcel of land, right through to the sale of the property. We constantly strive to develop properties that are custom-tailored to their location, embody the highest architectural standards and intervene only minimally in nature. What’s more: right from the outset, we make nature an essential component of every project.

For us, sustainability isn’t a buzzword. It’s what drives us above all else.
We like to talk. More than that, we love to do.

Would you like to join us?  
We look forward to your call or e-mail.

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Soy Real Estate S.L. C/ Alejandro Roselló, 40, 8º, 07002 Palma de Mallorca

15. February 2021

2021 - GOOD NEWS - What a great start to the year! Drum roll...the construction licence for Casa Xaloc has finally been granted! We are very happy that we can soon start building and are looking forward to everything that is still to come. Many thanks to the entire Soy team and all those involved in the project at OHLAB, Salva Cañís, amm Technical Group, HIMA estructuras and PlusEfficiency

3. August 2020
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29. June 2020
Climate compensation: What possibilities do companies have for offsetting CO2 emissions?
25. May 2020
Circular Economy: Economic activity based on the model of nature (Interview)
9. May 2020
New Casa Xaloc brochure

We are very excited... The new brochures for our Casa Xaloc project have arrived! Thanks to OHLAB and StudioRoses for their great work on this, as always. If you would like to get your hands on one of them, well, you know, just give us a call or write to us, and the Casa Xaloc brochure will soon be on its way to you.
#together we can make a difference

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18. December 2019
Sustainable investing: an overview
27. November 2019

We are really happy that our Casa Xaloc project was mentioned in a "fresh off the press" article in "Diario de Mallorca" about OHLAB's sustainable passive house projects.

20. November 2019
Living in the future – a look into the crystal ball
4. October 2019

What a great evening it was - it was an honour to be there. The renowned Mallorquin family business Alibaz construcción celebrated its 20th anniversary in Calvià and invited three generations of architects to present their views on “living in the future”. For our contribution, OHLAB, Paloma and Jaime presented Casa Xaloc as an example of a passive or even zero energy house, with the prospect of constructing buildings that produce more energy than they use themselves. Documentation on the wonderful evening can be found here.

1. October 2019
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28. August 2019
Fact check electric cars with Ulrich Baltz from SEEC ONE
27. August 2019
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25. July 2019
Interview with WAF Award winner OHLAB
18. July 2019

Proud to share with you that our first project, Casa Xaloc in Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca, has made its way onto .
It just feels good to have such great partners and companions as we have with OHLAB. The internationally renowned architects office, who are realising our first project in Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca, are now presenting their work on the international platform world architects.

18. July 2019
Isle of Dogs founder on sustainable children’s furniture
18. July 2019
Interview with Fridays for Future activist Judith
18. July 2019
We are launching our podcast “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic”!
26. June 2019
The passive house as the standard for our sustainability concept.
19. April 2019
Mallorca’s water shortages
20. February 2019

Amazing Feature about Palma's charme.
This video demonstrates, why we as Soy admire Palma and Mallorca so much. Young, creative, innovative companies in Palma. Founders and entrepreneurs who are making Palma so vivid.

4. February 2019
Practising corporate responsibility sustainably
12. January 2019
Case study: how we put sustainability into practice
8. January 2019
Sustainability: how we understand, implement and live it

A gated community with 24 hour security in a wonderful setting, offering three golf courses, a 10 minute drive to Palma's old town, 15 minutes to Palma airport and international schools.

One of the last free plots in the centre of Soller's charming old town, only 3 minutes from the idyllic marketplace with its lively restaurants and cafes, yet quietly situated.