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We are launching our podcast “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic”!

Where do you begin if you want to start living more sustainably?

For Alexandra Schmitz, co-founder and CEO of Soy Real Estate, it begins by simply taking the first step. And then the next step. And the next…

And to ask questions. Lots of questions.

Therefore, it is questions that drive our podcast “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic” forward.

Together with moderator Dennis Arntjen, Alex interviews a wide variety of people and talks to them about their experiences and what motivates them to live a sustainable life.

Listen now to the pilot episode of our new podcast  “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic”:


In the introduction, Alex and Dennis explain,

  • the story behind the podcast’s crazy title “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic”
  • the aim of the podcast and what subjects and guests you can expect
  • why 95 percent self-sufficiency can be more sustainable than 100%
  • why a lawn doesn’t belong on an island like Mallorca and what damage it can cause there
  • why a couple of solar panels on the roof still doesn’t make a property sustainable

A few quotes from the pilot episode

“People questioning what they have been taking for granted for years, or even decades, that is a start. It is how it can begin for everyone.”

“When everyone on the planet is getting everything 95% right, then the remaining 5% will no longer be an issue.”

“It’s not about us standing here and pointing fingers. What we actually want is to get people thinking by using a bit of light-hearted fun.”

Links & Resources

Here are some links to the issues, projects and people that are mentioned in the first episode:

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