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Sustainable investment opportunities: Our offer for investors (FAQ)

With our consistently sustainable real estate projects on Mallorca, we are creating exceptional properties that are not just of interest for people looking to buy.

Our projects are also interesting for investors who take climate protection seriously – with investment opportunities that offer a high rate of return well above the German market average.

We can imagine that you, as interested investor, will now have whole list of questions in mind, and a few of you will be raising a sceptical eyebrow or two.

At this point we would like to present you with a short FAQ for investors in which our CEO and co-founder Alexandra Schmitz answers all the important questions that we are often asked.

And for all those who prefer the short version, you can find a brief summary of the important facts in our FAQ at the end of this article.

Should you still have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Alexandra directly. But you should be prepared to encounter radical openness and transparency!

phone: +49 171 4474030

FAQ Sustainable investment opportunities with Soy

What exactly are we offering investors?

Firstly, thank you for your interest in Soy.

Alexandra Schmitz

Our aspiration is to develop sustainable property projects of outstanding architectural quality in exceptional locations on Mallorca. To this end, we purchase building plots in top locations, construct very high quality and sustainable residential properties on the plot and then sell it to buyers who take climate protection as seriously as they take good architecture.

We guarantee investors who would like to invest profitably in our projects an extraordinarily high return on investment that very clearly sets us apart from the ROI that is commonly available in Germany.

I would be very happy to discuss precise figures, including possible investment amounts and term, in a personal conversation.

phone: +49 171 4474030

If you have already invested in sustainable funds or green banks, you will know that the range of offers has been very limited to date. Even more limited is the choice of properties with a consistent focus on sustainability - like the ones that we are developing – in which environmentally aware investors can make an investment. We would like to fill this gap in the market with our projects.

How can we guarantee an ROI that is way above the average for the German market?

This is actually the question that I hear the most.

We can guarantee such a good return on investment because of the current market situation on Mallorca and in Spain in general.

In recent years, the Spanish property market has seen significant growth after recovering from the financial crisis. According to the magazine Capital, the average property price in the premium segment was 21 percent higher in 2016 compared with the previous year. In Son Vida alone over 50 villas were sold in 2017 for a total value of around €115m. The average price for a €4m villa increased by 12.5 % to €4.5m, with this trend continuing in 2018. Properties comparable with our own projects are already selling today for between €8m and €12m.

If a development similar to 2016 is repeated, which can be assumed given the ever diminishing supply and ever rising demand, then considerably higher property prices are conceivable.

In addition, taking into account the narrow group that we are targeting, our focus on sustainability and the very highest architectural quality should contribute to further price increases

What safeguards and benefits are we offering investors?

The fact that we are selling and not letting the properties means that we can guarantee you the agreed return on investment. At Soy, you will not hear the usual empty German marketing-phrases such as “possible ROI can be as much as XYZ”. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know the precise numbers.

Should you decide to invest in our property projects your investment will also be secured in the land registry and you will be given the right to a say and a veto on the choice of objects and building plots. The loan agreement will be prepared by a renowned Düsseldorf based law firm and governed by German jurisdiction.

As an investor you will be entitled to examine the books of the Spanish subsidiary at any time. We will ensure there is full transparency on how the funds are used.

When it comes to safeguards, what especially counts in our favour is, firstly, our many years of experience and expertise in the financial and construction sectors; and secondly and most particularly, the expertise of our international, top-level network of architects, project developers and sustainability experts who support us in implementing our projects.

For example, for our first projects we were able to obtain the services of OHLAB, an internationally renowned firm of architects based directly in Palma that has already completed numerous highly unique, top-quality and sustainable properties.

What makes partners such as OHLAB particularly valuable is their many years of local experience. They know the local market, the construction companies, specialist builders, local authorities, With this expertise we are able to recognise which building plots offer the best potential and price-performance-ratio and have a better understanding of price developments, enabling us to react quicker.

What makes our property projects so special?

What makes our properties so unique is the combination of high architectural standards and minimal impact on the environment. If you cast your glance over to the right to Casa Xaloc and then click on ‘View’ you will quickly get an impression of what we mean by this.

Above all, the consistent, well thought-out and carefully implemented sustainability of our real estate is what makes us really stand out from the usual properties that are on offer on Mallorca.

What also distinguishes us from our competitors is the comprehensive quality that we guarantee, both in the basic evaluation, planning and construction, and in the marketing of the properties. To date, there is hardly anyone else like us on the market who is committed to offering an international architectural language or offering such consistency on sustainability issues.

What exactly does sustainability mean for our projects?

Ecologically sustainable properties are not simply available ‘off the shelf’. Every building plot, every location is unique: because of its regional location, the existing natural environment, the immediate surroundings and its neighbourhood. Accordingly, our properties are built with a respect for this unique location and the natural environment.

In cooperation with our architects and other energy experts we develop a sustainability concept for every single project that not only respects the careful use of resources but also reduces the impact on the immediate natural environment to a minimum. We even go as far as integrating the existing natural environment into the architectural design.

At the same time, we aim to fulfil the energy demands of the passive house standard. Only when we have found the optimal sustainability solutions for each individual project do we move on to the implementation phase.

Furthermore, as a company we are also taking the issue of sustainability one step further. From the profits that we generate from selling our properties, we invest a share in measures that will improve the conditions for the environment and population in each location. The biggest share of this available capital will be used to support young start-ups that are working on sustainability, ecological and social issues.

Investors who consider themselves to be one of our long-term partners are cordially invited to join us in this programme of investment measures for a better future for everyone and to invest share of their own profits in these young and promising start-ups.

Have we awoken your interest? Do you have any more question? Feel free to get in touch at any time!

phone: +49 171 4474030

Fact sheet for investors

Soy …

  • … is developing sophisticated real estate projects
    • in extraordinary places / TOP locations on Mallorca
    • that are consistently sustainable, and
    • are of an excellent architectural quality.
  • … is a company that also practices sustainably.
  • … operates as a unique and powerful network of internationally renowned, locally experienced partners who possess substantial market and industry expertise, as well as the corresponding track record.

Our offer to investors:

  • sustainable investment opportunities with a very high, guaranteed ROI
  • a high, above average return in comparison with the German market
  • ROI guaranteed by contract
  • real estate projects exclusively in top locations on Mallorca
  • reasonable investment term: project duration approx. 30 months (over €5m investment amount)

Our safeguards for investors:

  • land-registry entry (over €5m investment amount)
  • jurisdiction – the investor can choose which court should hear a dispute
  • the language of the loan agreement and contract can be decided by the investor
  • real estate is exclusively for sale, not for letting (no risk of loss of rent)
  • complete transparency of how funding is used
  • veto / right of say (over €5m investment amount)
  • well-established network of partners, internationally renowned and with local experience
  • continuous quality assurance and management under one roof, including market analysis, selection of plots, all planning and constructions phases and the marketing of the properties.

The development of the property market on Mallorca:

  • The property market in Spain has been booming for several years
  • continual double-digit growth rates in recent years
  • trend: continuing increase in property prices
  • ever-increasing shortage of properties on offer
  • increasing demand for properties in top locations
  • increasing demand for properties that are actually sustainable
  • “The island must become greener” (supported politically and by society)

What makes our real estate projects so unique:

  • “magical” combination of these components:
    • highest architectural standards
    • minimal environmental impact, respectful stewardship of resources
    • sustainability that is rigorously implemented
    • very high, guaranteed ROI
  • comprehensive – not selective - solutions
  • no labels, but individual concepts
  • passive house standard, self-sufficiency (as far as possible and ecologically acceptable)
  • energy optimisation that is uniquely consistent
  • transparency, authenticity, reliability
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