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Isle of Dogs founder on sustainable children’s furniture

For the last 20 years, Dr Birgit Geisel’s company, isle of dogs, has designed and manufactured sustainable furniture for children. Remaining true to her philosophy “quality not quantity” during all these years, her award-winning furniture is now sold in traditional children’s stores across Europe. We visited Birgit in her studio in Wuppertal.

Everything began with a child’s stool, lovingly designed, made of quality wood, and finished with non-hazardous paint. It was followed by a table, a bench and finally other items of furniture for children. The first items of furniture attracted the attention of the media, specialist retailers and especially parents and grandparents.

So what is special about isle of dogs’ children’s furniture? It is light and friendly with a classic design, made to the highest standards and individually hand-painted with a love of detail according to the customers’ wishes. It is thoroughly sustainable.

Listen now to episode #002 of our new podcast:

Key-Takeaways aus der 2. Folge

In the interview with Dr Birgit Geisel you will learn,

  • how she managed to get Europe’s traditional children’s stores to stock her sustainable children’s furniture
  • which materials her company uses for manufacturing the furniture and how and where it is produced
  • how her company has seen sustainable growth over nearly 20 years of development in the European market

Our favorite quotes from Birgit

“Our furniture is made to withstand being assembled and taken apart again, as often as is necessary.”

“Sustainability is already built in to our products by the simple fact that people will always want to keep such a personalized item.”

“Children’s furniture should be light and friendly. A child’s room is already colorful enough with all the toys. So what makes our furniture special is that it is low-key and light.”

“For us it’s absolutely obvious that children want to be surrounded by lovely things, made of natural wood and natural fabrics.”

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