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Interview with Fridays for Future activist Judith

What drives thousands of school students in Germany, and across the world, to become politically active and join the Fridays for Future movement? And what were 14 year old Judith’s experiences of being an activist and demonstrating for her future and that of her generation?

For the first episode of our podcast “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic”, Alex and Dennis headed off to the idyllic town of Hückeswagen where Judith lives surrounded by countryside on the family’s animal-friendly farm, Herzwurzelhof, where visitors can ‘meet’ and interact with animals in their natural habitat.

Fascinated by the schoolgirl’s commitment, they both try to understand the Fridays for Future movement from the young generation’s perspective.

Listen now to episode #001 of our new podcast:

Key takeaways from this episode

You will learn,

  • what drives and motivates a 14 year old schoolgirl to take part in the Fridays for Future movement
  • how she deals with the criticism and abuse that is directed at the demonstrators
  • how Fridays for Future is discussed in Judith’s class and among her friends
  • how she sees the role played by Greta Thunberg
  • what she does personally to live more sustainably.

Our favorite quotes from Judith

“I’m so pleased that our generation is taking a stand and saying: we want to save our future – somebody has to take matters in hand.”

“We need more people like Greta Thunberg. I think that what this girl has achieved is incredible, all the thousands of people she has inspired. I am very moved by her commitment and by how well informed she is.”

“Nobody is perfect, but everybody can do something and work towards making the world just that little bit better.”

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