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Fact check electric cars with Ulrich Baltz from SEEC ONE

Fasten your seat belts! In this episode of our sustainability podcast “Sausage vs. Photovoltaic” there plenty of facts on the subject of electric vehicles.

With Ulrich Baltz we were not just lucky to find an expert on electric vehicles who knows all the important figures, facts and current developments. As the founder of the electric vehicle start-up SEEC ONE and the co-host of the Mobility Meetup in Düsseldorf, Ulrich Baltz is also very passionate about the subject and is actively pushing it forward.

In the interview with Alex and Dennis, Ulrich Baltz provides in-depth insights into the current state of developments and gives us his opinion on how the electric vehicles sector will develop in the near future. One thing is already clear: electric cars rule!

Key takeaways from the 3rdepisode

In the interview with Ulrich Baltz you will learn,

  • how his start-up SEEC ONE intends to offer an electric car for under 10,000 euros
  • which two megatrends are having the biggest influence on mobility
  • why an “automobile” is really an “auto-immobile” 
  • what is behind the criticism of lithium-ion batteries
  • how electric cars could help with the problem that renewable energy’ has with the lack battery storage capacity
  • why Germany lags behind other European states on accepting electric cars and what can be done about it
  • what is really behind the so-called ‘Sweden study’ and how it can easily be countered
  • why electric cars will finally prevail against vehicles with combustion engines

Our favorite quotes from Ulrich

“The term ‘automobile’ for a car is an oxymoron. It’s more like an ‘auto-immobile’ that stands around stupidly for 23 hours a day on average, costing money.”

“I don’t see the critical reporting about electric vehicles as particularly tragic. There are two interesting aspects here. One is: even if there are negative reports on electric cars, just make sure the issue gets increased media presence – bad news is also good news. The second aspect is: objections are always an additional incentive to buy.”

“Things that are deliberately portrayed as massive problems, such as low vehicle range, aren’t really when given closer consideration.”

“I am of the opinion that - because we now have so much modern technology at our disposal, and so many regenerative energy sources - we will certainly be in a position to turn this around.”

“In a few years, electric vehicles will no longer be caught up in the contradiction between ecological vs. economical.”

“How cool will that be when transport is not only more sustainable and more environmentally friendly, but also only costs half as much?”

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